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Where does your family come from? What stories have been lost to time? What mysteries are waiting to be solved?

What we do

Surname/Single Family Search

Trace a direct family line back to immigration, emancipation, or 1850, whichever comes later.

4 Generation Tree

Trace all ancestors from subject back for 4 generations, or until immigration, emancipation, or 1850, whichever comes later.

Full Tree

Trace not only direct ancestors, but collateral relatives and their descendants as well, per client specifications.

Descendancy Tree

Trace the life of a single American ancestor (or couple) and their decendants up to at least 1940. 

Great for family reunions or descendant organizations/ societies!

Family mysteries, Stories, Biography

Investigate family legends and/or mysteries! Or, learn everything you can about the life of a certain ancestor.

Digitization & Fact Checking

For families that have prior family tree research done, and paper files, documents, and trees. Includes the organization and digitization of the files, and optional fact-checking, to make sure all the facts and citations are correct.

Why hire a professional genealogist?


Good genealogical research requires searching, abstraction, cross-referencing, contextualizing, citing, problem solving, data entry, and more. If you’re unfamiliar with the methods, repositories, or historical documents it would take you even longer.


Genealogists use dozens of online databases, most of which are not well known &/or behind a paywall. (To say nothing of the records that may need to be searched out in physical libraries and archives!) The membership costs to these sites can add up quickly and might not make sense if all you need is one or two documents from each source.


Not everything on is accurate. Good genealogy requires a knowledge of the potentials and limitations of each data source, and how to put each piece of the puzzle together. Quality family history research requires exhaustive searches, carefully cited facts, and the know-how to resolve conflicting data and put it all together into an accurate picture of a subject’s life.


Ameya Warde is a professional genealogist and personal historian. Starting her own ancestor hunt as a child, she has spent over two decades expanding her knowledge of genealogical matters and honing her research skills. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society, and is studying for professional certification with the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG.) She also has a B.Sc. from The Ohio State University.

In addition to giving local lectures on genealogy-related subjects, Ameya and her research was featured on an episode of The Travel Channel’s show The Dead Files “The Instigator” (2015).


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Please include what your research objective or goal is, and what package(s) you may be interested in, as well as how much is already known about your family.