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New name, new site!

Welcome to the new site for Family Treesearch! 

Formerly called A. Warde & Co., I felt like it was time for a change. This name suits me much better, because it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek because it’s obviously a terrible pun. But see, I am ALL ABOUT the terrible puns.

Plus, it’s much more memorable, no?

I’ve spent most of the last week working on this new site & creating new worksheets that I will be using during my research. I still have a few to go, and I need to polish up the text on my site, and get a new logo, but, I’m getting close! 

I’m looking forward to getting this site & blog ready to be shared with folks! 

Video Post: Genealogy Meme from Geniaus

Stealing the idea of doing this via videa from Catie (Genealogically Speaking & Young & Savvy), I, too, have made a video of my answers to Jill’s (Geniaus) genealogy meme.

I ended up talking a bit more about my family than intended, so pardon the length. Whoever can get the furthest into this video before exiting out gets a cookie!

Aaaaaaaaand sorry for the shakiness. I’m a bit of a spaz, you see…