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Genealogy Goals for 2014

Genealogy Goals for 2014

Personal Goals:

  • Get my mother’s, son’s, & paternal aunt’s (my father passed away a long time ago) DNA tested. And possibly my paternal uncle’s DNA as well if I can get back in touch with him.
  • Get my paternal grandmother’s copy of Final Verdict by  Adela Rogers St. Johns. The book is about St. John’s father, Earl Rogers, and my paternal grandfather’s aunt was his second wife. The book apparently mentions my great and great-great grandmother a number of times as well. I want to get the copy of that book & also transcribes the parts that describe my ancestors.
  • Trace the decendancy of my paternal-line immigrants.
  • Have current information for all of the descendants of my maternal great-great grandparents. 
  • Write the main Hixson family researcher whose work I find all across the interwebs & local libraries.
  • Get (buy or print if available online) all the possible certificates for my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents!
  • This:

Organizational Goals:
  • Find a good way to back things up on paper (I know, TEH HORROR!) and organize files, and then do eet.
  • Decide on a software program to use! Ugh. Really I want to design my own, but I have -1000 desire to learn how to code.
  • Standardize my OneNote files as much as possible. (I DO love OneNote, but I don’t count that as a regular genealogy program, I just use it heavily)
Professional Goals:
  • Write 3 articles to submit to professional journals
  • Join APG
  • Go to a conference or similar meeting
  • Join a local genealogy society
  • Get a professional website 
  • Get business cards! 
  • Have at least one new client a month
  • Advertise!
  • Learn how to properly utilize courthouse records for genealogy.
  • Figure out how to utilize the Family History Library local branch(es) to check out research material.
  • Visit Bedford/Fulton Co, where my PA ancestors lived.
  • Visit the national archives!
I might even start working towards a MSc in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies through the University of Strathclyde’s distance learning program! 😮 I am so, so excited at this prospect, guys! But 3 years? Dang. D: And so much money…. but I think i’m going to do it!

I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. Did you make a similar resolution list? Link me up in the comments!